Mother Buddha

Namgyalma the victorious hair or crowned mother Buddha. Namgyalma is a female bodhisattva with three faces and eight arms and one of the three reverend deities of longevity. Her middle face and eight arms are white, symbolizing the elimination of disasters. There is an eye on each side of her forehead and a coronal is twisting around her painted on her crown. As required by the sutra of measurements for the construction of statues, this mother Buddha should be moulded as a maiden of 16 years old. Half of hair should be braided with the remaining hair hanging down and the tip being longer than her elbows. Her face should resemble sesame and her eyes red lotus petals. The yellow face on the left side symbolizes benefit and longevity and the blue face on the right side symbolizes the defeat of devils.

Dukar, also called Sitatapatra, is a special protective aspect of Tara known as the Goddess of the White Parasol. She has a thousand faces, a thousand arms and a thousand legs, representing her omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent nature. She protects all beings from the Eight Great Fears of pride, ignorance, anger, envy, wrong views, avarice, attachment, and doubt.